A minimal, no frills cafe set-up serving local cuisine to cater to guests of the resort. All day dining, the cafe is also able to cater for your wedding and events held at the resort.

Whilst you enjoy the delicious food, you can even work, relax or socialize here too.
Cafe operating hours: 07:00am - 10:00pm. Closed on Monday.

Fried Rice

Delicious stir-fried rice in a wok or a frying pan and is usually mixed with other ingredients such as eggs, vegetables, seafood, chicken or meat.

Chinese Fried Rice

Chinese-style fried rice seasoned with soy sauce and garlic mixed with a choice of chicken, beef or seafood.

U.S.A Fried Rice

U.S.A. abbreviation stands for Udang (Shrimps), Sotong (Squid) and Ayam (Chicken). There's also an omelette on top or wrapped around the fried rice.

Paprik Fried Rice

Thai infused style fried rice is chicken sauteed in chili paste and comes with some mixed vegetables.

Kerabu Fried Rice

Herbed rice served with the local salad (ulam).

Bandung Mee

Noodles and eggs in addition to a soup made of a mixture of chilli, onion, spices, shrimp paste and dried shrimp.

Other Noodles / Kway Teow / Bee Hoon :

FriedHailamSoupLadnaKungfuWet Fried

Hot & Cold

Hot CoffeeIced CoffeeHot Coffee OIced Coffee OHot NescafeIced NescafeHot Nescafe OIced Nescafe OHot HorlicksIced Horlicks

Fruit Juice

Orange JuiceApple JuiceWatermelon JuiceHoneydew Juice