Kuala Kangsar brings guest on a journey of culture and a multi-racial society. You get the experience the pulse of an urban neighbourhood as well as the rural feel, with yummy local food, must-see spots that marks a history milestone and shops. Discover Kuala Kangsar’s neighbourhood.

The guide to the local scene is designed to reveal the historical and breathtaking aspects of Kuala Kangsar, giving guests an insight from the community who call it home.

 1.Historical sights and landmarks

There are so many historical sights and landmarks in Kuala Kangsar and each one of them has a significant story to it. Spare some time to check some of them out such as Baitul Anor, Ubudiah Mosque, Kuala Kangsar Royal District, Victoria Bridge and many more.

2. Beautiful lake

Known for their mirror mirror like lake, Tasik Raban is a sight to behold. The lake is so reflective and the atmosphere is quiet with chalets around it. Take time to breathe in the beautiful surroundings and just relax.  

3. Yummy food

Mention Kuala Kangsar and a lot of locals will definitely recommend 3 top things to eat here – the assam laksa, cendol and the famous pau! Where can you find all that?For the assam laksa and cendol, head on over to Medan Cendol & Laksa. Affordable and delish! If that’s not enough, go to Yut Loy Kopitiam for some pause. But pay close attention to the timing of when you can order the paus and also food if you’d like to eat in at the kopitiam.

4. Handicraft

Famous for the traditional craft known as labu sayong, earthenware, gourd-shaped jars for keeping water cool. They have it in many sizes. Just ask any local and they’re able to direct you to the area where the sayong is made.

5. Waterfalls

Kekabu Falls, is a Recreational park in the vicinity of Chenderoh Lake. This is a gem of a place. It is very well maintained and you can have a picnic, enjoy the waterfall and do a walking trail. This is a must go place if you’re in Kuala Kangsar!